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Classic craft

Selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten tailored suit stores in the world, and ranked in parallel with famous clothing stores in Italy and London.

Became the only custom-made suit shop in China that has been internationally recognized. Dave is hailed as a "treasure-level tailor" by American Daily Telegraph.


Luxury goods come from ingenious craftsmanship. Every suit from Xiong Kejia has been carefully sewn through layers of processes. Although it takes time and labor, it is the key to injecting soul into suits.


Everyone is unique, so we don't need ready-made cardboard. Instead, we use the powder to draw the arc that belongs to you on the fabric according to the size of each guest.

Shanghai ruler

The suit has been in China for more than 150 years, and the Haipai suit has also developed a unique unit of measurement, using the Shanghai ruler to make orthodox sea suits.


"Line" is the secret that outsiders can't see the appearance of the suit. It is lined with many different materials. Different parts are used with different linings. The lining must be hand-stitched to give the suit a flexible memory and show the best curvature of the body.

Hair sample

Orthodox custom-made suits must have the "slaughter-like" step. After cutting the fabrics of various parts of the body, stitch them together according to the size of the first amount. After the completion, give the guests the first try, fine-tune the size and then disassemble. The line is officially sewn.

Silk thread

Generally, the suit shop directly uses nylon thread sewn eyes. We use silk thread. Before use, we need to wax first, then use high temperature iron to draw the line, which makes the buttonhole more compact, smooth and three-dimensional.


This hole-filled wooden board is used to buckle the eyes. Although it is more time-saving and labor-saving to use the machine to buckle the eyes, the buttonholes of the machine are relatively flat, loose and not three-dimensional, so we still use the manual method to grommets.


What is the relationship between sandbags and suits? This is an important tool to help suits show the indispensable arc lines. The body is a circular arc with lines. Before the suit is completed, the master will pull out an arc in each part that needs an arc, such as the neck and shoulders, to conform to the natural lines of the human body.


Ironing fabrics are also learned. There are four key points of pulling, pushing, returning and drawing. After these four steps, the fabric and the lining can be perfectly combined, so that each piece has a three-dimensional shape.


How does the marble block appear on the tailor's table? Originally marble was used for welting, and all the edges of the cloth were burned and then cooled and flattened with marble, thus creating a flat but not stiff edge.

The devil is in the details

There is a saying in the West that "The devil is in the details". To complete a suit, you need skill and patience, and you must have the will to be responsible for the work. Mr. Xiong Kejia has been through 40 years. The career of the suit, to convey is not only the appearance of the American suit, but also the inner ingenuity.