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Selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten tailored suit stores in the world, and ranked in parallel with famous clothing stores in Italy and London.

Became the only custom-made suit shop in China that has been internationally recognized. Dave is hailed as a "treasure-level tailor" by American Daily Telegraph.


How to make a perfect suit for you

From the busy exit, the thoughts settle in the quiet lane with your footsteps; whether you are the first time to tailor a suit, or a senior gentleman, to open Dave's door with a relaxed mood, our tailors will be happy to give you professional advice. Also ready to meet your expectations for the suit.

Suit maintenance and after-sales

After having a beautiful suit, you need daily maintenance to maintain the shape and wearing life of the suit. You can easily maintain the western style by simply paying attention to the following items every day.

Five steps of daily maintenance: the damage of the day, the removal of dirt on the same day, just take some time, do a minimum of maintenance, you can extend the service life of the suit.

After-sales service of Dave’s Custom Tailoring

Tops and trousers have a certain amount of room for enlargement when cutting. If you encounter dimensional changes in the future, you can adjust it at any time after trying on the store.
This is Dave Custom Tailoring's long-term service for its customers.